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Other viewpoints: Arte Down

Other viewpoints: Arte Down

The partnership between Arte Down and the Museo del Prado speaks of the infinite number of viewpoints offered and experienced by art, of the myriad feelings invoked when contemplating a picture. For the last three years, the Museum, along with the Arte Down Foundation, has been holding a competition inspired by the works in its collection, giving rise, as a result, to new visions, impressive works which serve as inspiration for some of the items on offer in the Prado Shop.

On this occasion, the Arte Down artists were invited to immerse themselves in the work of Bosch to celebrate the exhibition commemorating the fifth centenary of the Dutch master's death. The winner of the competition was Roberto Salcedo, who reinterpreted all the details of the Garden of Earthly Delights with his imagination, embodying them in the work My garden of delights, in oil on board.

Mi jardín de las delicias Roberto Salcedo

(Mi jardín de las delicias, Roberto Salcedo)

Ten works from among those submitted have been selected and, for the first time, reproductions of them can be ordered in “Prints on Demand”, choosing from among the different options of size, medium, framing and finish.

La mesa de Jesucristo, Erik Nitsch Ter Horst accésit

(La mesa de Jesucristo, Erik Nitsch Ter Horst, secondary award) 

By purchasing products illustrated with these works, you will be collaborating in this unique charity project which focuses on the social inclusion, autonomy and personal development of artists with Down syndrome and who are members of the Arte Down project.

Tablet Cleaning Cloth

(Arte Down Bosco Tablet Cleaning Cloth)

Arte Down Bag

(Arte Bown Bosco Bag)

Arte Down Notebook

(Arte Down Bosco Notebook)

Arte Down is a project from the Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation, created to disseminate the skills of its artists and to foster social and labour market inclusion through art. With partnerships such as the one established with the Museo del Prado, artists with different skills can showcase their work and open up new horizons, while society can learn to enjoy and appreciate their art. It is truly worthwhile discovering the beauty and originality of their work.

Arte Down Bosco

(Carro de heno, Inés Evangelio Gonzalo)

Arte Down Bosco

(El jardín de las delicias, Jaime Fernández Zapico)

Arte Down Bosco

(La adoración de los Magos, Jorge Bermejo Cámara)

Arte Down Bosco

(El carro de heno, Carlos González Fraga)

Arte Down Bosco

(Piedra de la locura, Ana Martínez Bermúdez)

Arte Down Bosco

(Serpientes del demonio, José María Romero Bleda)

Arte Down Bosco

(El jardín de las delicias, Miguel Ángel Suesta Bravo)

Arte Down Bosco

(El jardín de las delicias, Rosa Mª Herranz Bravo)

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