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Libro "Pieter Bruegel el Viejo. El vino de la fiesta de San Martín" View larger

"The Wine of Saint Martin’s Day. Bruegel the Elder" book

This publication has been published by Museo Nacional del Prado on the occasion of the renewed public presentation of The Wine of Saint Martin's Day by Bruegel the Elder, after its recent acquisition by the museum and its restoration.

Authors: Pilar Silva Maroto, Manfred Sellink y Elisa Mora

48 pages

24 x 29,5 cm.






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This book is a comprehensive annotated study the life and works of Bruegel the Elder, and especially its twill The Wine of Saint Martin's Day, the historical context in which it developed, the technique, the evolution of the painting, its history and meaning, and the state of conservation and restoration has now been presented to visitors to the Museum in all its fullness. Includes notes section and bibliography.