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Velázquez Ten Postcards Pack

Pack of ten postcards which includes reproductions of some of Diego Velázquez's most important paintings.

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Pack includes de following reproductions:

Las Meninas or The Family of Philip IV (c. 1656)

Head of a Buck (c. 1634)

Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback (c. 1635)

Pablo de Valladolid (c. 1635)

The Spinners or The Fable of Arachne (c. 1657)

The Surrender of Breda (1635)

View of the Garden of the Villa Medici in Rome (c. 1630)

The Drinkers or the Feast of Bacchus (c. 1628)

Vulcan's Forge (c. 1630)

Juana Pacheco, Wife of the Artist, characterized as a Sibyl (c. 1631)