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The Prado goes with you, 2. The Prado Guide

The Prado goes with you, 2. The Prado Guide

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We talked in a previous post about the nostalgia of those who cannot approach the Museum these days, and how the Prado apps are the perfect tool to take a part of their collection with you.

In this context, the Museo del Prado now presents the update of its app "The Prado Guide", which is the tablet and smartphone version of the printed guide, an editorial phenomenon of which tens of thousands of copies are reprinted every year.

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Both the app and the paper guide are the best way to discover the Prado's collections by its curators. This is the main official guide of the Museum, and includes not only all the schools represented in the gallery (Spanish, Italian, Flemish, Dutch, German, French and British) but also the different artistic genres that comprise it: painting, sculpture, drawings and decorative arts.
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Since its opening in 1819, the Museo del Prado has attracted visitors to Madrid who discover El Greco, Velázquez and Goya, among others, in its rooms. And together with those painters of the Spanish school, the Museum also treasures important groups of other European artists, in such a way that it is not possible to know in depth the work of Titian, Rubens or Bosch without turning to the Prado.

Always being accompanied by what is probably the largest and most important public artistic collection in the world is an affordable luxury now within a click

A friendly app, easy to use and full of content

This app, available in several languages, includes more than 400 works commented by specialists and curators of the Museum. It is grouped by schools and authors, in addition has a Presentation, a Brief history of the Museum and chapters with introductory texts that organize and explain each school, refering the works around an artist, a genre, a stage, an artistic movement. etc.

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It is a very intuitive app, which allows you to search and select favorite works, as well as to link directly to useful information on the website of the Museum and the Prado Store.

Very high quality editorial content, and a solvent, clear and easy-to-use technological solution.

It includes -free of charge- ten masterpieces and presentations to the different schools and to all the chapters. At the time of payment you can access to more than 400 works included in the application, whose images the user can download in high definition.

It is an official application of the Museo del Prado, the second after the Dolphin Treasure app, which once again had the support of Samsung as a technology partner for its creation. Both entities set out long ago with their agreement to bring art closer to society through the responsible use of technology with cultural content.

In these times in which freedom of movement is conditioned by the global health situation and in which, increasingly, contact depends on technology, this app is a safe choice for art lovers and tourists of all over the world to enjoy the Prado wherever they are.

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