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El Greco. Estudio técnico (Spanish)

This publication gathers the conclusions of the technical study of El Greco's work carried out by the Technical Office, led by Carmen Garrido between 1982-2012



25 x 31 cm

476 pages

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A widely illustrated and documented publication with macrophotographs, radiographs, reflectographs, ultraviolet photographs, stratigraphies, as well as studies of supports, pigments and binders which analyzes the unique evolution of El Greco in the different stages of his production.

This publication proposes a deep knowledge of El Greco's pictorial technique through the analysis of the supports he used, his mastery in handling pigments and his way of mixing them, and the execution of composition.

The conclusions of this extensive research are brought together to show his way of understanding space, perspective, or the intensity of light in front of shadows, that light with which he manages to create his vibrant colors full of nuances and contrasts that thrill the viewer when contemplating his masterpieces.

A meticulous work, edited in 2015, that goes into the different stages of its production: starting from one of its first icons in the Cretan stage, Saint Luke painting the icon of the Virgin of the Benaki Museum; going through his Italian period and the influence he exerted on his painting, both technically and aesthetically, in works such as the Modena Triptych of the Galleria Estense; until its definitive installation in Spain, a stage in which the different pictorial genres are analyzed, from the portrait and the devotional painting to the great projects of his altarpieces, and which includes two final and unfinished works that are fundamental in their evolution .

ISBN: 9788484803294