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El perdón y la furia (Spanish)

Second comic published by Museo Nacional del Prado, after the Triptych of the Enchanted, by Max.



18 x 26 cm

64 pages

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In 1632, José de Ribera Lo Spagnoletto is called on to paint the ‘Furias’, a set of four paintings representing the tortured in the Graeco-Roman mythology. ‘Tityus’ and ‘Ixion’ can still be seen suffering a terrible punishment, whilst ‘Sisyphus’ and ‘Tantalus’ have disappeared ‒nobody knows when, how or why. Professor Osvaldo Gonzalez Sanmartin (Universidad de Salamanca) has endeavoured to discover the mystery and repair the loss.

Professor Gonzalez’s research will take him to explore the secrets of Ribera’s work until becoming obsessed with it. Not even death can stand in the way of a path full of martyrdom where Professor Gonzalez ends up identifying with those saints subject to Ribera’s cruelty. The story takes place in a zigzag between light and dark, redemption and pain, grace and penitence, mysticism and gruesomeness, ecstasy and torture, forgiveness and rage…

Following on from the success of Yo, asesino (Me, the murderer in English) Altarriba and Keko provide us with yet another fascinating and disturbing insight, underpinned by the themes of art and cruelty.

ISBN: 9788484803331