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'El desafío del blanco': Goya y Esteve, retratistas de la casa de Osuna View larger

"El desafío del blanco: Goya y Esteve, retratistas de la casa de Osuna" Catalogue

Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition The Challenge of White. Goya and Esteve, portraits for the House of Osuna, held at the Museo del Prado between June 20th and October 1st 2017. Edited by Virginia Albarrán.

48 pages

24 x 29,5 cm



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The Museo del Prado is presenting the Portrait of Manuela Isidra Téllez-Girón, future Duchess of Abrantes, painted in 1797 by Augustín Esteve y Marqués and recently acquired for the Museum with funds from the Óscar Alzaga Villaamil donation. The portrait is considered Esteve’s finest work in this genre as well as one of the most striking depictions of children in 18th-century Spanish art.

This book will allow for greater knowledge of this interesting painter who was in his day considered the finest court portraitist after Francisco de Goya.