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Idilio. Apuntes de Fortuny

Third comic published by Museo Nacional del Prado, after the Triptych of the Enchanted, by Max, and El perdón y la furia, by Altarriba y Keko.



18 x 26 cm

64 pages

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On the occasion of the Mariano Fortuny exhibition (1838-1874), which took place between November 2017 and March 2018, the Prado Museum continues the publication of its comic collection with a new title, this time by the artist Montesol.

«In 1986 an unpublished album by Mariano Fortuny (1838-1874) with gouache and watercolor notes was exhibited at the Nonell Hall in Barcelona. It was a basic and bare Fortuny, far from the theatrical, stage and Goya style that would give him success. For me, who came from modernity and the avant-garde, it was a connection point with classical knowledge. The vividness of his stroke was educational, understandable, and gave art that ability to capture with intensity the moment and the anecdote that would be taken from it by photography and cinema. A few years earlier, in November 1974, at the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, ​​for the first time I was dazzled by a 3 x 9 meter pre-cinematographic panorama of Mariano Fortuny representing one of Prim's battles in Morocco. I place the story I tell you chronologically just after that visit. »

In 1974, a young man undertakes an initiatory journey to Tangier in search of meaning, inspiration and creativity; there he will meet the remains of the Beat Generation and a time of permissiveness in which everything is questioned. He will know true friendship at a time when this is an important value that replaces the family nest, he will reflect on art, life, lies and how their combination gives rise to creativity. Fortuny's influence will be important for our character, since it will be present in his way of capturing and situating reality.

Javier Montesol (Barcelona, ​​1952) is a painter, draftsman, illustrator and author of numerous comic books. In the eighties, his interest in the counterculture led him to participate in the founding of two of the emblematic magazines of Spanish comics, Star and Cairo. Speak Low, published in 2012, marked his return to the medium. In 1999 he received the Max award for the best stage space design by Guys & Dolls.

ISBN: 9788484803812