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In the shadow of Velázquez

Jonathan Brown is Professor of Fine Arts and one of the most well-known Spanish art specialists  in the figure and work of Velázquez for which he represents a world authority in his study. This book originated as a series of six lectures held at the Museo del Prado in 2012.

Jonathan Brown


Yale University Press / 2014

Soft cover


208 pages

17,8 x 25 cm

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In this work the illustrious art historian Jonathan Brown discusses the links between his personal life and his study of the Spanish Golden Age. Through his adventures, he shows us how art history is made up of life experiences, discovering the influence of his father, Leonard Brown, as a great collector of documentation of the avant-garde movements of the twentieth century. After a year in Madrid, from 1958-59 the author was motivated by the analysis and study of the Spanish Golden Age, looking for different and novel forms of interpretation for Spanish painting, which until that time had been based on the policies of the Franco regime, giving a new approach and vision of the subject that led to a new interpretation of Las Meninas. Brown has also studied the transformation of Spanish art in the Americas.