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Everything is happening (English)

With this work the author Michael Jacobs brings us closer to a historical and personal reflection on one of the most important and enigmatic paintings in the history of art "Las Meninas" by Velázquez.

Michael Jacobs

Editorial Granta, 2015



12,7 x 19,6 cm

226 pages

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Michael Jacobs was trapped by the mysterious work of Las Meninas from his first visit to the Prado Museum, a fact that prompted him to research and reflect on one of the most representative paintings of this museum and the history of Spanish art. This is a work of an autobiographical nature, where he tells us about his first trip to Spain, going through the political and social analysis of the Spanish Golden century, even as the painting of Las Meninas was protected during the Spanish Civil War. A prose with a certain skeptical character and enthusiastic amazement invites us to reflect on the ultimate meaning of what is considered Velázquez's masterpiece, analyzing individually the characters that appear in the composition and the associations between them. Jacobs' death in 2014 will make this work unfinished and it will be his friend Ed Vulliamy, a great art lover, who completes and publishes this book.

ISBN: 9781847088086