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Monna Lisa Dévoilèe. Les vrais visages de la Joconde View larger

Monna Lisa Dévoilèe. Les vrais visages de la Joconde

Author: Pascal Cotte

Publisher: Telemaque, 2019

Pages: 173

Format: Hard cover

ISBN: 9782753303638

Language: French

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October 19, 2004, photographic studio of the Louvre Museum. The Mona Lisa is entrusted for twenty-four hours to Pascal Cotte so that he ensures the digitization through an exclusive multispectral shooting process. It allowed amazing and indisputable discoveries, unveiled in this work. Completely new pictorial, scientific and historical answers to the questions that for five centuries have obsessed passionate admirers of Mona Lisa: Who is she really? Why are her eyes and her smile unique in the history of painting? How many portraits did Leonardo paint? What is the key to its mysterious landscape? What were the original colors of the painting? The essential book on the world's most famous painting.