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Hieronymus Bosch - Garden of Earthly Delights

Hans Belting offers us in this analysis of The Bosco's work "The Garden of Delights" a personal interpretation and very different from that given so far, in which, according to the author, it is a chimeric idealization that arose in the context and spirit of the time.

Hans Belting


Ed. Prestel Verlag / 2016

Soft cover


128 pages

19,8 x 24,3 cm

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Hans Belting is a German art historian, renowned specialist in medieval and Renaissance art, and also a German art historian.

The author presents us with a study of the work from a different view, with innovative arguments, asking questions about the enigmatic work of "The Garden of Delights". The 71 illustrations of great format and quality that accompany the book serve the author to develop his arguments, thus generating a new discourse around this great work of Bosco. Belting promotes an approximation and return to image observation, pushing the reader to see and look, legitimizing his hypothesis through historical premises and through the study of painting. The author links the utopian reality of this work with the humanist theories of Thomas More, Erasmo of Rotterdam or Willibald Pirckheimer.

ISBN: 9783791382050