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Enigma en el Prado

Another fascinating and fearless adventure of this famous mouse detective, this time in the city of Madrid, where he will visit the Prado Museum and he will be seen in the middle of an investigation after the theft of one of the museum's best-known paintings.

Geronimo Stilton


Editorial Planeta / 2017

Soft cover


128 pages

13,1 x 19,3 cm

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The author of this book Elisabetta Dami is one of the best known Italian children's book writers in the world, creator of a series of books by intrepid mouse journalists that she always signs under the pseudonym “Geronimo Stilton” and who fascinate the children's and youth audiences who follow the adventures of this mouse. In this volume Gerónimo is located in the city of Madrid and specifically in the Prado Museum, where the theft of one of Goya's most famous paintings will make his visit to the Spanish capital an adventure, bringing the little ones closer to this century-old institution and awakening the interest in them to visit the Prado to know the work of which this famous mouse speaks.

ISBN: 9788408176138