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El mensaje de Pandora

Sierra, Javier

Editorial Planeta


ISBN: 9788408232032


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On Arys' eighteenth birthday he received this strange letter. It came to her from Athens wrapped in brown paper and she was urged to read it immediately. Written under exceptional circumstances, it recalls the last trip they made together through southern Europe and confides a long-held secret: that ancient myths hold the key to understanding the origin of life, disease and even our future. Based on research by leading scientists and Nobel Prize winners, Javier Sierra has written a lucid, dazzling fable that will expand our point of view on the questions that are truly destined to alter the balance of our civilisation. It is a story that is at once gripping, tender and timely. One that takes us hopefully into the history of our civilisation through its most critical changes and reminds us of the solutions humanity has always found to circumvent them. "It is the letter we all need to read to get us going, to not give up in the face of adversity. Its message is full of intrigue, but also of future", says Javier Sierra.