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Historia del arte en cómic. El Renacimiento. View larger

Historia del arte en cómic. El Renacimiento.

Author: Pedro Cifuentes

Publisher: Revista Despierta Ferro, 2021

Pages: 96

Format: Hard cover

ISBN: 9788412221251

Language: Spanish

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Third volume of our History of Comic Art, and this will be dedicated to the Renaissance, things get serious! Although "serious" is not an adjective that hits our comic strip agents, who continue to do their thing, accompanied on this occasion by cicerones from the category of Leonardo, Sofonisba Anguissola, la Gioconda, Miguel Ángel, Rafael, Durero, Tiziano or Garcilaso de la Vega… What a team! Stroll through the Florence of the Medici and be amazed by Brunelleschi's dome, by the splendid Rome of the Cinquecento and contemplate the Sistine Chapel - in all the splendor provided by a fold-out triptych! -, or lose ourselves ascending Brueghel's Tower of Babel the Old Man ...

Calling it Stendhal syndrome is not enough for how you are going to stay after reading this book!