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El sacrificio de Narciso View larger

El sacrificio de Narciso

Abadi, Florencia

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Myth is the narrative which, by its intrinsic properties, is never finished being told. The longing to find a closed and canonical cycle of the story of Narcissus is as ungraspable as the image in which the protagonist finds his reflection. Hence, this book can constitute a scholarly and admirably subtle study of the myth of the narcissistic gem and, at the same time, be the foundation stone of an authentic Narcissus mythology for contemporary times. Myth and History, therefore, converge and become a philosophy of Narcissus' intensity. Its effects, as Florencia Abadi demonstrates and narrates, determine us in the least expected aspects of our amorous passions, tinged by jealousy, envy and hatred in the same movement in which they collide with the antagonistic desire. From the epilogue by Fabián Ludueña Romandini Contrary to what is often said, Narcissus does not love himself. He falls in love with his image, and commits suicide in an attempt to embrace it. In this way he gives her nothing less than his life. Narcissus is, at heart, a sacrificial figure: he sacrifices his life to his image.