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La luna. Influjo, arte y pensamiento View larger

La luna. Influjo, arte y pensamiento

Author: Kalka, Joachim

Publisher: Siruela, 2019.

Pages: 128

Language: Spanish

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788417860073

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The symbolism and influence of the moon throughout our history are as wide as they are diverse, as old as they are in force. And there are infinite routes that can be made around this star that has always been there, witness and part of the development of civilizations. In this book, Joachim Kalka presents a landscape as erudite as it is personal, orbiting the moon; It includes notes and reflections on science, philosophy, literature and different artistic expressions that range from painting, sculpture and poetry, to more recent ones such as cinema or comics. The author immerses us in free and hypnotic associations that glimpse, with fluidity and naturalness, biblical, astronomical and astrological approaches to the moon, its symbolism, mythology and legends, but also places it as the protagonist of great milestones in history such as the arrival of the man to the moon or the profound influence it had on the work and thought of great authors. An exciting and multifaceted text, always unfinished, about this mysterious and mutable cosmic entity.

ISBN: 9788417860073