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La deriva de los héroes en la literatura griega View larger

La deriva de los héroes en la literatura griega

Author: Garcia Gual, Carlos

Publisher: Siruela, 2020.

Pages: 208

Language: Spanish

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788417996970

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From their ancient mythical background, heroes are the protagonists of great Greek literature. Here Carlos García Gual offers us an original approach to these heroic figures through the various literary genres: from the Homeric epic to the Hellenistic novel. Throughout many centuries, then, from epic to tragedy to comedy and beyond, the heroic image is presented with new faces, in a very significant drift that goes from its mythical splendor to its twilight in comic parodies. and novels of love and adventures. The author analyzes this progressive wear and tear of the heroic prototype, through striking examples, as a reflection of the historical evolution of Greek society and its ideals and aspirations. If the magnanimous figures of the great heroes already have an emotional humanity in the epic, the theater delves into their tragic incidents. The drift of heroes in Greek literature offers a lucid, suggestive and exciting perspective on one of the great themes of Hellenic culture and its evident historical resonance. García Gual returns here to evoke the Greek heroic world and its unforgettable texts.