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This children´s book focuses on the most creative women in history, and it belongs to “Mis pequeños héroes” collection.

Cristina Serrat Alonso


Shackleton Books / 2020

Hard cover                                      


80 pages                                

19,9 x 24,5 cm    

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14,90 €

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This beautiful illustrated book draws the lives of the most creative women in history: artists, writers, actress and singers, letting us know their success and their most representative works.

            Using short stories, the author, Cristina Serrat Alonso, takes us into the world of each one of those heroines, showing children that women can also make history!

            From Frida Kalho to Coco Chanel, from Mary Shelley to Ella Fitzgerald, among other women, children could run through history led by those creative women.

ISBN: 9788418139086