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Fenicias. Suplicantes. Heráclidas. View larger

Fenicias. Suplicantes. Heráclidas.

Author: Euripides

Publisher: Alianza, 2009.

Pages: 248

Language: Spanish

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788420650715

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Written and represented in the framework of the Peloponnesian War, they are directly related to the mythical core of the national glory of Athens, but also to the issue of warfare and the injustices that come with it. In SUPLICANT the mothers of the warriors of Argos, killed at the gates of the city of Thebes, implore the king of Athens to welcome them and allow them to give an honorable burial to their children, in PHENICIAS some foreigners attest to the disasters of the war, while in HERACLIDAS the descendants of Heracles, persecuted by Euristeo, go to the capital of Attica in search of asylum.