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Brevísima relación de la destruición de las Indias View larger

Brevísima relación de la destruición de las Indias

Author: Las Casas, Bartolomé De

Publisher: Alianza, 2014.

Pages: 199

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788420683294

Language: Spanish

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Among the Indian texts, the Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies, by Father Bartolomé de Las Casas, is by far the best known and most widely disseminated work. Addressing this work requires abstracting the time that has elapsed and noting the validity of its ideas, since beyond its content, which gave rise to the "black legend" against Spain, its pages, which reveal the abuses suffered by the indigenous universe of the hand of the white world and they question the legitimacy of the wars, they still affect issues that are still unresolved today.