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La diosa blanca View larger

La diosa blanca

Author: Graves, Robert

Publisher: Alianza, 2014.

Pages: 784

Language: Spanish

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9788420691787

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New edition, enlarged and corrected. Erudite and passionate essay, it reconstructs the magical language of ancient Mediterranean and northern Europe, linked to popular religious ceremonies in honor of the Moon goddess. Graves tells us how in Europe and the Middle East there were matriarchal cultures that worshiped a Supreme Goddess and that recognized the male gods only as her sons, consorts or sacrificial victims. These cultures were eliminated by the irruption of the patriarchy that robbed women of their authority, elevated the consorts of the Goddess to a position of divine supremacy, and reconstructed myths and rituals to hide the past. The patriarchal conquest reached Britain and the rest of Western Europe around 400 BC. by C.