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Artistas andaluces en Hispanoamérica siglos XVI-XVIII View larger

Artistas andaluces en Hispanoamérica siglos XVI-XVIII

Author: Espinosa Espínola, Gloria

Publisher: Universidad De Granada, 2019.

Pages: 352

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788433863577

Language: Spanish

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From the Andalusian ports of Seville and Cádiz began the journey to the dreamed of America, a new land evocative of riches and promises for men and women who aspired to a better life. Trips that also made possible the circulation of all kinds of merchandise, beliefs, ideas and traditions, with round trips, which enriched both cultural spaces, the American and the Andalusian. In this context of networks and exchanges between the different territories that made up the Hispanic Monarchy during the Old Regime, this book is dedicated to the Andalusian artists who developed part of their work in the New World in those difficult viceregal times. Through the biographical-documentary approach to a list of 140 names, this work assesses various specific aspects of the artistic system, from the operation of the workshops and the training of the artist, to those related to patronage and sponsorship, in addition to the influence that many of these teachers practiced in the places where they were received. In short, a work that glimpses the complexity of the links that were woven between the two worlds, transforming both American and Andalusian society, both leaving us a plural, diverse and changeable art, thanks to those different contributions from the varied Hispanic cultural spaces. .