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Tragedias Vol.III



Ediciones Cátedra

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441 pages

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Euripides was born on the Athenian island of Salamis, around 484 BC, and died in Macedonia, in 406. His great innovation consisted in portraying his fellow citizens, with all lucidity and rawness. The problems of sexuality, slavery or the status of women thus had a place on the Greek scene. The first volume includes seven works, the first chronologically: a curious satirical drama, The Cyclops and the tragedies Alcestis, Medea, Los Heraclidas, Hipolito, Andromaca and Hecuba. The second consists of: The supplicants, Electra, Heracles, The Trojans, Iphigenia among the Tauros and lon. The third and last includes: Helena, The Phoenicians, Orestes, The Bacchantes, Iphigenia in Aulide and Reso