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El oro de América. Galeones, flotas y piratas View larger

El oro de América. Galeones, flotas y piratas

Authors: AA.VV

Publisher: Edaf, 2016.

Pages: 288

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788441436558

Language: Spanish

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Hollywood lies. It is time to say it clearly. The forces of nature and the immense and dark sea, more than the pirates or the ships of the nations with which they were in conflict, were the real enemies of the ships laden with treasures that covered the Carrera de Indias, the extraordinary route maritime that united the territories of the monarchy across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1493 the expedition led by Christopher Columbus returned to the Peninsula, announcing the discovery of new islands towards the Indies. Spanish expansion in that new world was rapid. At the end of the sixteenth century, barely a hundred years later, the flourishing cities of Mexico, Lima and Potosí, in the shadow of rich precious metal mines, had more inhabitants than the largest in Europe. From 1561 to 1748, to bring supplies to the colonists and then fill the warehouses with silver, gold, and rich merchandise back to Spain, two annual fleets crossed the seas. They were ships of the king, full of wealth from the Crown and individuals, so their loss was a matter of state. The truth is that, despite their numbers, for two and a half centuries, not many were lost. This is the account of his epic journey.