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Una pica en Flandes. La epopeya del camino español View larger

Una pica en Flandes. La epopeya del camino español

Author: Martínez Laínez, Fernando

Publisher: Edaf, 2019.

Pages: 416

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788441439573

Language: Spanish

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In the military history of Europe there is no logistical feat comparable to that of the Spanish Way. During the more than eighty years that the War of Flanders lasted, from 1566 to 1648, Spain kept open the long corridor that linked its possessions in northern Italy with the Netherlands, to allow its invincible thirds to reach the battlefield. A route bristling with geographical obstacles and powerful enemies, crossing the Alps, great rivers, forests and gorges. Geoff Rey Parker, the prestigious English historian, describes as a miracle the fact that at that time Spanish soldiers could reach the Netherlands by land. That is why the expression to put a pike in Flanders is still used as the equivalent of a difficulty bordering on the impossible.