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Conquistadores y Aztecas. Cortés y la conquista de México View larger

Conquistadores y Aztecas. Cortés y la conquista de México

Author: Rinke, Stefan

Publisher: Edaf, 2021.

Pages: 384

Format: Pocket

ISBN: 9788441440760

Language: Spanish

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Barely 500 years have passed since the fall of Tenochtitlán, and the controversy for interpreting the events is still alive today. Cortés was not the dominant hero as he himself describes in his reports to the emperor and as many later chroniclers honored him. But he was not the demon that almost single-handedly wiped out a flourishing culture. Conquerors and Aztecs claim to clear up all the myths. It is not only about the Cortes conqueror, but about? The conquerors? Spaniards who traveled with him, and in addition, and especially, on the numerous ethnic groups of Mesoamerica, interested in overthrowing the powerful Aztec Empire for various reasons and who were joined by Europeans willing to formalize alliances with foreigners to overthrow the old enemy. However, it is impossible to tell the story without Cortés and his men, since it was they who were responsible for laying the foundations of a colonial empire that would last around three hundred years.