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Himnos homéricos. Batracomiomaquia View larger

Himnos homéricos. Batracomiomaquia

Author: Homer

Publisher: Akal, 2000.

Pages: 272

Language: Spanish

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788446010357

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The Homeric Hymns are a collection of 33 lyrical poems, written in the dialect of the Homeric epic, dedicated to the gods or minor deities. These compositions served as an introduction to other performances; it could be the recitation of the epic or the performance of a choir or dance. They were interpreted by aedos or rhapsodies in professional competitions that were carried out in the context of large religious festivals. Some hymns can be dated to the 7th century BC, but others were composed centuries after the birth of Christ. Its length varies from two or three verses to over five hundred. They generally consist of an invocation to the god, a short (or long) myth and a farewell formula. The Batracomiomachy narrates the confrontation that took place between the frogs and the mice.