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Murillo y Sevilla (1618-2018) View larger

Murillo y Sevilla (1618-2018). Conferencias en la Facultad de Geografía e Historia

Authors: Palomero Pálamo, Jesús Miguel; Posada Simeón, José Carlos; Rodríguez Mateos, Juan Carlos; Díaz Del Olmo, Fernando; Pérez-Mallaína, Pablo E.; Núñe

Publisher: Universidad De Sevilla, 2018.

Pages: 366

Format: Cartone

ISBN: 9788447228263

Language: Spanish

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1618. Coinciding with the baptism of Murillo, the printers of Amsterdam stamp with the proverb "Who has not seen Seville / has not seen wonder" on the postcards of the capital of Seville that they sell in Europe. Oblivious to this propaganda, Sevillian society lived through a time of crisis that was accentuated by the plague of 1649 and the hunger riot of 1652.