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La deshumanización del arte (Spanish)

One of the reference books on Spanish aesthetic thinking.

José Ortega Y Gasset

Editorial Espasa Calpe, 2016



12,4 x 18,9 cm

239 pages 

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This work comprises a radical and fundamental reflection, by the brilliant Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset, on the origins of art and on the nature of its image. The dehumanization of art is today a classic text and one of the most lucid in the history of Spanish aesthetic thought. Directly related to the dynamics of the renewal movements of art that emerged in Spain of the twenties. Ortega's work offers us broader perspectives, with a thought linked to the renewal of aesthetics and the history of art, which had initiated the German theoretical and historiographic tradition of the late nineteenth century.

Accompany The dehumanization of art eleven writings about aesthetics: Meier-Graefe, A Zuloaga Exhibition?, Art of this world and the other, La Gioconda, Essay of aesthetics as a prologue, The Will of the Baroque, Dialogue on New Art, On the Point of View in the Arts, [On Art Criticism], Art in The Present and In Preterite and [Truth Is Not Simple]. These texts allow a better understanding of Ortega's thinking and artistic and aesthetic debate in Spain. This edition is preceded by the introduction of Valeriano Bozal.

ISBN: 9788467047837