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El jardín del Prado

Eduardo Barba invites us to tour the rooms of the Prado Museum, discovering the plants and flowers that were embodied by the great masters in their works.

Eduardo Barba Gomez


Editorial S.L.U. Espasa Libros / 2020

Soft cover


240 pages

15 X 22,8 cm

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Eduardo Barba gardener and landscaper by profession, after years of study and analysis of plants in the history of art, offers us in this work as intimate as instructive an analysis of the flowers, plants and gardens that, we can find in works that hang from the walls of the Prado Museum. The author has walked through the rooms of the museum looking for the botany embodied in the works of art of hundreds of artists, selecting a few dozen species, among them we can meet: dandelions, gardenias, lemon trees, sunflowers, dredgers or violets that Eduardo invites us to observe, in the words of the author:

<< those that would allow a living part of the painting to be taken home >>. Observation and reflection on the representations of these plants in the works of art creates a connection in time between the artist and the viewer.

ISBN: 9788467058352.