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Aztecas-Mexicas: el imperio de mesoamérica View larger

Aztecas-Mexicas: el imperio de mesoamérica

Author: Pérez López-Portillo, Raúl

Publisher: Silex Ediciones, S.L., 2012.

Pages: 413

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788477375968

Language: Spanish

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The Mexica or Aztec people were one of the great cultures of Ancient Mexico. Unlike other peoples, in less than two hundred years, they were able to dominate the rest of their neighbors, imposed heavy taxes on them, and forced them to serve as vassals. Its enormous power left the region of the lakes of the Central Altiplano basin and extended towards the two coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific and reached the border with the Mayan world.

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