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Los misterios del rectángulo (Spanish)

A compendium of brief essays about relevant paintings that seduce the author because of their mystery, because of what is inside of the painting, inviting us to explore them.

Siri Hustvedt

Circe, 2007



13,6 x 21 cm

280 pages

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Siri Hustvedt, Princesa de Asturias winner prize, invites us to discover a piece of art as if it were a visual adventure in an imaginary world. When we look at the painting we put ourselves in the place of the painter. The author not only explains what she sees, but also studies the work in its context, going ahead on the influences it developed, and, basically, on the feelings of the artist.

Any painting is only a rectangle. But its meaning hides a deep mystery to solve looking at it with patience, attention and great passion.

It´s written in a personal and enjoyable style. In it, the author tells us their experiences, what she feels standing in front of Giorgione, Vermeer, Chardin or Goya´s paintings, combining subjective feelings with biographical information about the artists, technical descriptions with her own interpretations.

 ISBN: 9788477652526