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Sobre el conocimiento de las pinturas originales y de las copias View larger

Sobre el conocimiento de las pinturas originales y de las copias

Author: Ceán Bermúdez, Juan Agustín Ceán Bermúdez

Publisher: KRK Ediciones, 2020

Pages: 510

Format: Hard cover

ISBN: 9788483676776

Language: Spanish

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The texts that we agree to call On the knowledge of original paintings and copies were written by Juan Agustín Ceán Bermúdez in Seville (1791 and 1805), while he was organizing the General Archive of the Indies. The first (which he called Discourse) remained unpublished, while the second (the Letter), more extensive and reasoned, was published in the periodical press three times (1806, 1843 and 1863) but always unsigned. The writing responded to an epistemological imperative that in the agitated market of art and institutional collecting was imposed from the second half of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th: to have a practical and effective method to know the style and ways of the great painters and thus discern their original works from the copies. Both writings detail the system and procedures used in the childhood of art history to know how to see paintings and the method in which Ceán himself founded his acuity: the study and comparison of the preparatory drawings and prints of the artists themselves with the paintings under analysis.