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Fedón. Fedro

Author: Plato

Publisher: Alianza, 2016.

Pages: 288

Language: Spanish

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788491042822

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At the very dawn of the birth of philosophy, Plato (ca. 428-ca. 347 BC) raised, using the ductile form of dialogue, many of the main problems that have occupied philosophical thought ever since. This volume contains two fundamental Platonic dialogues. "Phaedo" deals mainly with the generic theme of death, arguing about the pre-existence of the soul with respect to the body and about its immortality. "Phaedrus" deals with the nature of the soul and in it, with the plasticity of such beautiful metaphors as that of the charioteer and horses, Plato makes clear the idea, with Pythagorean roots, that man's propensity for good or evil it lies in the essence of the very structure of the soul. Translation and introduction by Luis Gil