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Descripción de Grecia


Editorial: Alianza Editorial

Soft cover

ISBN: 9788491045700


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Written by someone who was able to see a multitude of monuments in their full splendour before they became venerable ruins of the past, the "Description of Greece" - probably the product of a lifetime - is one of the most important texts for the knowledge of antiquity. In it, Pausanias (2nd century AD) selectively described, perhaps in the manner of a travel guide, sanctuaries, temples, altars, public buildings, sculptures and paintings, embellishing his account with legends, local traditions and historical events, and sprinkling all this information with various anecdotes that demonstrate his encyclopaedic knowledge. The present edition includes books I, V and VI, devoted to the regions of Attica and Ilium. Translation and introduction by Camino Azcona.