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Oráculos griegos

Author: Hernandez De La Fuente, David

Publisher: Alianza, 2019.

Pages: 288

Language: Spanish

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788491813934

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This entertaining book about Greek oracles in Antiquity fulfills the pending task in the Spanish bibliography of providing a general introduction to the subject valid for non-specialists. Divided into three parts ("Origin and forms of divination in Antiquity", "Functions of the Greek oracles" and "Oracles of the Greek world"), the work offers a complete overview of a phenomenon that for more than a thousand years performed functions of capital importance in ancient Greece, serving as a relief to concerns similar to those that assail man today, from decision-making (or justification of the same) in the case of politicians, to uncertainty about health matters in that of individuals. The profusion of anecdotes that mark the text, coupled with the rigor and knowledge of David Hernández de la Fuente, make this an essential book for anyone interested in the ancient world.