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Un tesoro escondido. Las parábolas de Jesús View larger

Un tesoro escondido. Las parábolas de Jesús

Author: Aleixandre, Dolores

Publisher: Ccs, 2011.

Pages: 200

Format: Rustic

ISBN: 9788498427356

Language: Spanish

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In this book only fifteen parables are collected from the more than 40 of the Synoptic Gospels. Each chapter presents one of them inviting to: Listen to it, Know it better, Discover its harmonics, Imagine it in a life, Express it in a blog. All this supposes attentive reading and reflection, searching for other related texts and a double exercise of rereading: from a narration that recreates the time when it was pronounced and from a blog posted on the net by someone who expresses his experience with the language of today. The final proposal is to find a new name with which to invoke Jesus: each parable hides it like a treasure to fill us with joy.