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Vidas imaginarias

Edited by Luis Alberto de Cuenca



21 x 15 cm

220 pages

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Luis Alberto de Cuenca (Madrid, 1950) is a poet, translator, essayist an Academic member of the Real Academia de la Historia and Professor at the CSIC. Led by him, different authors invent the lives of unknown characters that appear in the paintings of the Museum, offering them a space in our memory to avoid oblivion.

Written by Fernando Benzo, Estrella de Diego, Rafael Escuredo, Miguel Fernández-Pacheco, José Luis Garci, Almudena Guzmán, Elsa López, Ana Merino, Juan Carlos Monedero, Ada del Moral, Manuel Moyano, Amelia Pérez de Villar, Juan Manuel de Prada, Javier Puebla, Fernando Rayón, Carme Riera, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Alfredo Taján, Berta Vias Mahou, Anatxu Zabalbeascoa.

Available in four colors to choose from: yellow, orange, red and green. Printed in 2019.

ISBN: 9788484805328