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El tríptico de los encantados (Spanish)

The first comic published by the Museo Nacional del Prado.

Spanish, also available in English


18 x 26 cm

72 pages

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The paintings of Hieronymus Bosch have come down to us through five centuries without losing a fraction of their power to fascinate. They continue to be some of the most enigmatic works in the history of art, having given rise to infinite interpretation, discussion and debate about their true meaning and significance. However, the contributions of artists to this debate have been rare.

Max, winner of the 2007 Spanish National Prize for Comic Art, offers us a visual narrative approach to Bosch’s work via a plot that links three of his paintings on display in the Museo del Prado. From The extraction of The Stone of Madnes to The Garden of Earthly Delights via The Temptations of Saint Anthony Abbot, the reader is led on a journey through Bosch’s themes and motifs that is woven from the ideas of imagination as torment, melancholy as self-absorption, and the representation of the world’s infinite variety as a form of shock and enchantment.

Max, with his characteristic reflexive humour, looks at the characters who make up the paintings, giving them a voice and setting them in motion, in an unprecedented and extremely unconventional approach to the mysteries of Bosch’s work.

ISBN: 9788484803454