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El legado de Carmen Sánchez. La última lección (Spanish)

Edited by Pedro J. Martínez Plaza, 19th Century Painting Conservation Area



16 x 21 cm

120 pages

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Published on the occasion of the exhibition of the works acquired by the Prado Museum with the legacy of Carmen Sánchez García (1929-2016), a teacher deeply linked to the Museum through her membership to the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado.

The publication, edited by Pedro J. Martínez Plaza, from the Prado Museum's 19th Century Painting Conservation Area, includes a brief biography of Carmen Sánchez García and addresses the relevance that the different acquisitions have had for the Museum's collections. Also contains studies on the fifteen paintings by various specialists.

Among the paintings that have entered the Prado are the Allegory of Temperance by Alonso Berruguete, the most important of the set, since he is one of the most brilliant Spanish artists of the 16th century; also the Self-Portrait of Pedro de Campaña, one of the best portraits of this Flemish painter, and Woman in the Bath (Diana de Poitiers?), since works by François Clouet or his workshop in Spain are hardly preserved. Likewise, the paintings by Eduardo Rosales, Mariano Fortuny and María Blanchard are of special relevance, due to the prestige achieved by their respective authors. Lastly, the legacy has allowed the acquisition of other works by unpublished artists, such as Mariana de la Cueva and Gabriel Antonio Corvoysier.

ISBN: 978-84-8480-550-2