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Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition Ingres, held at the Prado Museum, Madrid, between November 24th 2015 and March 27th 2016.

368 pages

24 x 30 cm



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The work of Ingres, only seemingly rooted in Academic painting, undoubtedly constitutes an important forerunner of the late 19th- and early 20th-century artistic revolutions. The heir to Raphael and Poussin, Ingres’ work anticipates both Picasso and anatomical distortion in art, inspiring the revitalisation of the 19th-century European art schools, particularly the Spanish.

The catalogue accompanies the exhibition with five essays that provide a context for Ingres’ work, period and influences. These texts are Revolution and Empires. A brief historical introduction to the period of Ingres by Carmen Sanz Ayanz; Ingres, the painter behind the myth by Vincent Pomarède; Ingres the draughtsman by Louis-Antoine Prat; Ingres and Spanish Painters. From Velázquez to Picasso by Carlos G. Navarro; and The liveliest of painters by Florence Viguier-Dutheil.

The catalogue also includes entries on all the works on display, organised into ten sections with a corresponding introductory text for each one, and a chronology by María de los Santos García Felguera.

ISBN: 9788484803218