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"The Other's Gaze" Catalogue (English) View larger

"The Other's Gaze" Catalogue (English)

This catalogue accompanies the thematic route The Other’s Gaze: Spaces of Difference, organised for visitors to the Museo Nacional del Prado between 14 June and 10 September 2017.

112 pages

12 x 17 cm


English (also available in Spanish)

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A new thematic route based on a carefully chosen group of works offers a vision of the historical reality of homosexual love and its vicissitudes. From Antinous to Caravaggio, the Prado will be making visible the status and fortunes in art and society of artists, models and collectors who are known to history for their sexual identity. This project coincides with the celebration of WorldPride Madrid 2017.

The catalogue includes texts by Estrella de Diego, Manuela B. Mena, Javier Portús and both exhibition's curators Carlos G. Navarro and Álvaro Perdices, among others.

ISBN: 9788484804086