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The official Prado Guide app

The official Prado Guide app is the best tool to get to know the Museum from anywhere in the world..

Take your time and enjoy the Prado collections wherever and whenever you want. This app includes more than 400 works commented by the main specialists of this institution, and inform the user about the story told in each work, the artistic personality of the author, its importance in the collection as a whole or other interesting details. In addition, all the works include technical specifications and their images are available for download in HD.

Very high-quality editorial content and a clear and easy-to-use technology. The app includes a Presentation to the collections, a Brief History of the Museum and numerous chapters with introductory texts that divide each collection and group works around an artist, genre, period, etc. It allows you to search and select favorite works, as well as link to useful information on Museum´s website and the Prado Store.

An essential app to always carry with you the great works of art history which is considered the largest public collection of paintings in the world.

Official application of the Prado Museum, with the support of Samsung as a technological collaborator of the Museum.

The Dauphin’s Treasure of the Museo del Prado

New guide to the complete collection with 360º images

Official app of the Museo del Prado. With support from Samsung, a technological sponsor of the Prado, this app is an excellent tool for discovering the Dauphin’s Treasure and enjoying the collection down to the finest detail. Each work is accompanied by its fact sheet, information of interest and the reproduction of its case, where this has been preserved. In addition, the pieces can be enlarged and visualized in 360º by sliding the fingers on the screen of the device, making this a unique experience.

Philip V, the first Spanish Bourbon king and grandson of Louis XIV, inherited an exceptional group of vessels from his father, Louis, the Grand Dauphin of France (1661-1711). Made of rock crystal and decorative stones, traditionally known as “hardstones”, most are embellished with gold and silver mounts and with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls and other gems. This collection is known as the Dauphin’s Treasure.

The rarity of the materials employed in conceptually complex creations of this type and the technical skill involved in their making and decoration explain why they were so highly cherished, above and beyond other works of art such as paintings or sculptures, traditionally more highly valued.

Second Canvas Museo del Prado - Bosch

Second Canvas Museo del Prado – Bosch is a tool that allows you to explore in super-high resolution, with a high level of both detail and quality directly unnoticeable to the human eye, major masterpieces of the Flemish painter, such as The Haywain Triptych, The Adoration of the Magi, The Table of the Seven Deadly Sins and The Garden of Earthly Delights.

All of the artwork includes an additional vision taken from IRR. In the case of The Garden of Earthly Delights X-rays can be used too. Both IR and X-rays allow us to discover hidden characters, changes in the final version and the artist’s pendimenti. 

Discover, surf, learn, teach and share from your tablet or smartphone, with the possibility to connect it to your TV’s screen. 

Created by Museo del Prado and Madpixel, Second Canvas Museo del Prado - Bosch allows you to explore Bosch’s masterpieces in super-high resolution, interact with them, choose your favourite detail and share it with your friends through social networks. 

Available masterpieces are: 

• The Garden of Earthly Delights Triptych.

• The Garden of Earthly Delights Triptych (closed): The Third Day of Creation.

• The Adoration of the Magi Triptych.

• The Adoration of the Magi Triptych (closed): The Mass of Saint Gregory • Table of the Seven Deadly Sins.

• The Haywain Triptych.

• The Haywain Triptych (closed): The Pilgrimage of Life

Second Canvas Museo del Prado – Masterpieces

Second Canvas Museo del Prado is an app that allows you to go in-depth like never before into 14 masterpieces of the Museo del Prado – great protagonists in the universal history of painting. These 14 masterpieces are presented in gigapixel format (ultra-HD) so that you can appreciate these works down to the last detail. Available as a collection or with the option to buy individually. Begin with the Self-portrait from Dürer (included free) and discover the key to learning about this work and its setting. 

You can navigate, learn, discover, be thrilled, teach others, and share the experience with your friends, family, or classmates. The Second Canvas Museo del Prado app is the perfect tool for teachers who want to bring their pupils closer to art through the spirit and histories of the great works. 

Optimised for smartphones and tablets.

You can also connect the screen of your tablet or smartphone to a television screen.