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La otra Gioconda

Author: Peio H. Riaño

Publisher: Debate, 2013

Pages: 300

Format: Hard Cover

ISBN: 9788499922560

Language: Spanish

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The other Mona Lisa is the chronicle of the greatest find in the history of art in the last century. Peio H. Riaño, a privileged witness to the intense moments that the museum researchers lived when they revealed the secret, traces the traces that this mysterious painting left at its birth in Leonardo da Vinci's workshop, and anticipates the keys that reveal who its author, who is the one portrayed, how did she get to Spain, where was she before entering the museum's collection, who had the landscape covered and why, or what economic benefits does a painting like this bring to a museum like the Prado. A journalistic immersion in the new Mona Lisa, a creature of the 21st century, which uncovers the illusion with which museum walls are dressed and studies the gaze with which we contemplate art.