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Boletín extraordinario "Tiziano: Dánae y Venus y Adonis" View larger

"Dánae y Venus y Adonis: las primeras "poesías" de Tiziano para Felipe II"

The Museo del Prado publishes in 2014 a special issue of the Bulletin of the Museo del Prado. This is an important publication to follow the continuing evolution of museum studies.

It includes English texts and Bibliography.

80 pages


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The six "poesie" that Titian painted for Philip II between 1553 and 1562 are one of the most important and influential mythological ensembles in Western painting.

This publication, which accompanies the exhibition Titian: Dánae, Venus and Adonis. The first poetry shows, restored -and brought together for the first time in more than two hundred years-, the first two: Danaë (The Wellington collection, Apsley House) and Venus and Adonis (Museo del Prado), together with Danaë that belongs to the Museo del Prado, a late work by Titian acquired by Velázquez during his first trip to Italy.

The articles included in this new issue: "Poesías para Felipe II", by Miguel Falomir; "Dánae y Venus y Adonis: origen y evolución", by Miguel Falomir and Paul Joannides; "La restauración de Dánae y Venus y Adonis, de Tiziano", by Elisa Mora.

ISBN: 9788484803010