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Historia del Museo de Arte Moderno (Spanish) View larger

Historia del Museo de Arte Moderno (Spanish)

Ana Gutiérrez Márquez



24 x 15 cm

318 pages

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The extensive study carried out by Ana Gutiérrez Márquez, conservator of 19th-century paintings at the Prado Museum, covers the history of the collections from 1894, year of the creation of the Museum of Modern Art, to their later distribution in various institutions.

The painting and sculpture collection would later be expanded with the addition of a body of 20th-century art, taking prominence over the existing 19th-century works at the institution.

For this reason, in 1951 the two collections were divided between two institutions: the Museum of Modern Art (19th-century works) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (20th-century works), both based in buildings of the National Library. In 1968, it was decided to unify both collections in the new Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art.

A short time later, in 1971, the 19th-century art collection was transferred to the Prado Museum and housed in the Casón del Buen Retiro building until 1997.

ISBN: 978-84-8480-512-0