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Historias de mujeres, historias del arte View larger

Historias de mujeres, historias del arte

An essential review of the history of art outside the academic canon, essential to understand the relationship between feminism and art history.

Patricia Mayayo


Ed. Cátedra / 2003

Soft cover


296 páginas

14,9 x 20,9 cm

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An essay that serves well to introduce us to the movements of feminist theory and gender discourses in art, is a light text that covers almost all disciplines.

The relationship between feminism and art history has created new ways of understanding historical-artistic discipline in the twentieth century, giving rise to new art histories. This essay shows the work of a number of female artists who, as so often have been silenced throughout history.

Patricia Mayayo is a doctor of art history, professor and researcher, among her studies are: the historiography of feminist and queer art, the history of women artists and contemporary artistic practices.

ISBN: 9788437620640