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Damas ilustres en la historia de España View larger

Damas ilustres en la historia de España

That book containts the biographies of the most relevant ladies whom, participating in the history of Spain, were the forgotten ones.

Vicente Márquez de la Plata


Ed. Proyectos Editoriales Casiopea SL / 2018

Soft cover


445 pages

15 x 20,9

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The historian Vicenta Márquez de la Plata invites us to get inside the life of 43 Spanish women who pass unnoticed in a male world. It starts in the sixteenth century and ends in the twentieth, doing a great documentary and historic job.

Each chapter is a fascinating biography of a woman, most of them of noble birth, therefore, with access to education with no labour or domestic charges. All of them fought to arise her vocation since none of them were satisfied with the passive role imposed by their society.

The book is divided into five categories depending on their developmental activity . Thereby we find the creator, action, nuns or mystique, illustrated and governor women. Each chapter contains different paintings and pictures to complete those portraits and to help us understand the vital and decisive role they had in the history of Spain.

ISBN: 9788494935404