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Pintura del siglo XIX en el Museo del Prado, General Catalogue View larger

Pintura del siglo XIX en el Museo del Prado. Catálogo General (Spanish)

This catalogue, published in 2015, is the first publication that includes the whole 19th Century Collection of the Museo Nacional del Prado.



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704 pages

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This catalogue is an essential working tool for researchers and people interested in studying the rich 19th century painting collections and learning about their history in all its breadth.

It consists of 2.690 records, including those belonging to the permanent collection and those on permanent loan to other institutions. Each work is reproduced and accompanied by a technical description that provides not only basic data on the painting, but also comments on its origin, the inventories and exhibitions in which it was displayed, possible alternative titles and the iconography represented, among other interesting facts.

Two introductory texts complete the publication. The first, written by José Luis Díez, director of the research project, describes the time limits and characteristics of the catalogue and analyses the collection’s two centuries of history. The second, by Ana Gutiérrez, curator and author of the catalogue entries, thoroughly analyses the documentary sources used to compile them.

The catalogue also includes an extensive bibliography and several indexes: updated inventories, location, donations and legacies, iconographies, as well as tables listing the inventories to which each painting belongs, and a summary of the works presented at the National Fine Arts Exhibitions.

ISBN: 9788484803300